One on one training, specifically customized to each dog. This type of training works on basic obedience and beyond. Private lessons are perfect for owners who prefer a customized training program, dogs that don't get along with other dogs, or dogs that are easily distracted! An initial evaluation and consultation is performed in order to create a training program that fits your needs and wants. The evaluation will determine how many minimum sessions are recommended. Scheduling and pricing will be discussed as well.  

Protection Work

Protection work is NOT available for every dog. An initial evaluation of your dog determines if your dog has the genetics, nerves, and confidence to begin protection training. This type of training is very demanding and is completed over 6+ months [depending on dogs prior training] Each training program is designed specifically for each dog and varies session to session based on performance and progress. 



Detection Work

[COMING SOON] Detection work is a skill most dogs can do! Detection work doesn't necessarily mean narcotics, there are a variety of odors a dog can be trained to detect! Dogs with high drive for toys are great candidates for this type of training! We teach dogs the most effective search patterns and obedience to the odor. Duration of training is dependent on performance and progress.

THIS training is on-site only!

Tracking & Searches

Tracking and article searches are skills that work a dog mentally and physically. Many dogs can learn to track, it's not just for police and rescue dogs. Training your dog to track starts by teaching your dog to use its nose frequently and effectively. Dogs with high hunt drive excel at tracking and article searches! We train dogs to track on a variety of surfaces and under different environmental elements/distractions. 

most popular addition to our obedience program! 


Building & Area Searches

Building and area searches are a huge asset to police and home protection. This type of training teaches a dog to find and alert on a hidden person/suspect. This training is available to police and protection dogs ONLY.

this is an added service to protection work

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*Travel fee may apply for out of town evaluations